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Detained administrator rojadirecta, Igor Seoane, declared a secret cause

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The only administrator rojadirecta, Igor Seoane, was arrested Thursday under a declared secret followed in the Court of Instruction Number 1 of A Coruña cause, as reported by Efe Communications Office of the High Court of Justice Galicia.

The arrest took place in the PROA building, where the Commercial Court number 1 of A Coruna, where Seoane had to testify as part of a lawsuit against rojadirecta infringement of intellectual property rights is.

The press department of the High Court of Galicia has said that the arrest of the sole administrator of the website that offered links to sports competitions pirates "has no" relationship "with the procedure" leading the Commercial Court. In these court premises, Seoane appeared to testify part in the trial of DTS Distribuidora Satellite Channel (Canal +) against Puerto 80, owner of the web rojadirecta, of which he is the sole manager.

The employer gave explanations to the judge handling the case, Ana Barral, and had to wait in the hall to declare several experts. Later, when he left the court premises, the coruñés businessman in his thirties, was arrested under some errands followed in the Court of Instruction Number 1 of A Coruña. Try to hide This new procedure declared secret, began in 2015, according to sources have pointed the High Court of Galicia. Seoane had agreed to the Commercial Court number 1 of A Coruña along with three others who were dressed similarly to him, coat, brown shoes and the same model helmet for motorcyclists with which the employer was presented on the premises court to hide his image.

When the trial was set in the Commercial Number 1 of A Coruña, a few months ago, the attorney rojadirecta had announced his intention to ask the Court for measures to be arbitrated so that the image of his client was not captured by the graphics, which had to photograph him from the back of the room. In addition to this procedure, it rojadirecta pending the ruling of the Commercial Court number 2 of A Coruna, where Mediapro and GolT requested the cessation of the web with respect to the contents on which the producer has rights for infringement allegedly intellectual property law and engaged in unfair competition.

The web became operational on October 21, 2005, eleven years ago, and the corporation was created in November 2011, said in court the coruñés entrepreneur. According to his version, all the income generated comes from betting and, as explained its accounting in the Commercial Court No. 2, the turnover of the web is between one and two million euros.

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