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The man who defeated rojadirecta warns of new danger: decoders

Rojadirecta was no longer the enemy, were rather an icon today by IPTV modifications are more complicated "

"Now we can use the figure of the police, 'undercover agent' with which we are worth and that evidence"

They carry more than three years smothering rojadirecta with the few legal avenues that were available. They have also managed to get some rules to combat piracy more effectively and have pointed out and warned all its (numerous) advertisers damage caused by funding a web thus modified. Director of Innovation and Development Laliga, Ignacio Martinez Trujillo and his team have lying which until recently was the giant, the reference to watch football games online without paying. Justice just another blow to his manager, Igor Seoane, with an arrest that was not expected, apparently related to some tax irregularities.

Question. What does the arrest rojadirecta manager? Are they still "the enemy" in the fight against piracy that is leading Laliga?

Answer. And they were less so. We've got down a lot and have done things very well in the sense that we have been putting out everything around that business. There remains, of course, but in the end what happened is that rojadirecta had become an icon. We have learned a lot from how it was funded, how it worked and we need further research. Long ago the real business of rojadirecta (and so we were all day using) were the bookmakers. But where he is lying when he says he is not content to get up traffic allowed and refer them should pay the bookmakers. He was perverting our negotiates clearly and made from an alleged connection to the fan that is false. We can not fall into such traps.

Football should be able to share with her fans that is very expensive to produce and therefore we should not confuse that internet is very cheap to distribute and produce. We need to understand the new patterns of consumption. Justice finally begins to understand and act against rojadirecta, because look: it is never too late if that is good.

    New forms of IPTV are much more complicated than rojadirecta "

P. had assessed the losses were supposed this website. How much they amounted?

R. Eran, each year more than 450 million euros. And it is a figure that has remained stable. He lowered if they want a bit because prices have also dropped and there are different offers, but what matters here is that finally begin to realize that this is illegal. We got off rojadirecta in Spain and France, Italy, UK, USA ... we must realize that the Internet is not the place where you can do everything without consequences. This arrest is a step in the right direction.

    today we face a number that may occupy his position, but we also know as much about working against them "

Q. What is the 'rojadirecta' 2016? If they are no longer the main enemy, who is?

R. Today we face several that can take his position, but we also know as much about working against them.

P. They have more legal tools now, is not it?

A. Yes. We had a major change and we can use things that previously were not allowed. Since there is no doubt that this grouping is a crime. We managed to corrections in the Penal Code and there is no doubt that we can use the figure of the 'undercover agent' with the police, which these tests and we are worth. We collaborate with Tech Crime Unit and bring evidence. We are in the good way.

In addition, Thebes allowed us to develop our own tool, 'Marauder', created in Laliga and has been basic to track everything that happens on the internet and give us information.

Q. There are applications like Spotify, offering all the product for just 10 euros and managed to dramatically reduce piracy. When it will cost 10 euros football?

A. If you already costs 10 euros.

Q. Well, it is not. See everything is over 90 right now.

A. There are different offers. Look, just seems weird, but I think that piracy is not a problem of money, I can assure you. When going to see the different offers between each other, buy football is not expensive. It is accessible to most people. The problem is that the Internet continues to open us to the world and still are regionalized rights. Much of piracy has to do with when you go online, go where you want and when you're on TV where you go left. We have to make the effort to understand where we need to move our business to avoid these things.

Q. Two years ago I spoke of this in an almost apocalyptic version and now you can hear much more optimistic.

A. Yes, because we have begun to realize that the order of things start to happen. And that does not mean we are not concerned about the things we have ahead, but we are moving in new ways to grow to avoid it. The new forms of set-top boxes, IPTV, are much more complicated than rojadirecta.

Q. That is a device 'decodes' (to understand) the pay channels, right?

A. Yes, it makes you you can receive channels Movistar, Orange or whatever, with the same quality in your home with some fraudulent modifications.

    Someone who invests and buys a pileup of those already know that is not legal "

Q. And you can be ordered on any page as Amazon, no?

R. everywhere. What we can not do is modify the software. They are the new enemy. Piracy in streaming we are facing someone who may think you are confused. Not here. Someone who invests and buys a pileup of those already know that is not legal. There is a responsibility of the buyer. I always when I talk on internet pirate try to be respectful and think that guy is not my enemy, who is a fan and I see how I win. When we talk about people who are willing to invest in a home unit, it is another thing already. One difference is not small.

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