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Barcelona vs Madrid - List of channels

Listado de canales para ver el clasico de futbol

beIN LaLiga / HD

beIN Sports MENA 1 HD

beIN Sports MENA 12 HD

beIN Sports MENA 14 HD

beIN Sports MENA 3 HD

beIN Sports MENA 4K UHD

beIN Sports Turkey 2 HD

C More Sport 1 HD (finland)

Canal+ 4K Ultra HD (pl)

Canal+ Poland / HD

Canal+ Sport 1 Afrique

CBC Sport HD


Digi Sport 1 (svk) / HD

Eleven Sports 1 Poland HD

Eleven Sports 1 UK (stream only)

Ir See+ Iran

LaLiga TV Bar / HD


MAX Sport 3 HD Bulgaria

ONE Sport Israel / HD

Setanta Sports Eurasia / HD

Sport+ HD (bulgaria)

SportKlub 1 (croatia)

SportKlub 1 (montenegro) / HD

SportKlub 1 (serbia) / HD

SportKlub 1 (slovenia)

Spíler 2 TV / HD

Telekom Sport RO 1 / HD

Varzish Sport HD (tjk)

Ziggo Sport Select HD

beIN Connect TURKEY

C More Stream Finland

DAZN Deutsch [$] (geo/R)

DAZN Italia [$] (geo/R)

LaLiga TV (eleven uk)

Play Sports HD1

PrimeTel 1 CY / HD

QQ Sports [$] (geo/R)

SKY NET Sports 2

Strive Sport (D/N/S) [$]

TSN Malta 4 HD

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